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Sprinkle of Surprise is a solo run USA based lifestyle blog where Fatima document her thoughts, opinions and stories about health, beauty, fitness, food, books, movies, fashion and life. Fatima reach out to me for revamping her brand and overall blog makeover that would help her re-purpose her blogging goals in 2016 and forward. She wanted to represent her true personality on the blog; Feminine. Independent. Opinionated. Modest. Free.

Her blog and identity was absolutely outdated and logo itself wasn't the one that describe the feels, mission and meaning behind her blog. I helped her develop a logo that remains true to her while still being modern and simple.
The heart icon is being featured around her branding from main logo to sub mark to patterns to social media icons, bringing a sophisticated and subtle touch to the design and representing the tagline of the blog "sprinkle of happiness and life".

While her blog was on, which means we couldn't fully customized it. For that case, I helped her choose a theme that go mixing with the new brand and showcase the content to its full capacity and lastly upload/set-up everything for her to get ready and dive into blogging again with a fresher look and mission.

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