5 Skills I wish to improve in 2018


With all the excitement of new year and new resolution all around the web, I thought I should sit and reflect what I need to get better at for the time coming ahead.

Never stop learning, they say and I agree. We are constantly learning new thing without even realizing everyday. So why not set some goals and prepare your mindset to achieve it?. Because aspiring to learn nothing changes but actually learning does!

2017 has been dramatically busy, time kept evolving around, never settling on a thing or a purpose. In spite, I manage to get this weblog up and running in October, the biggest to-do I had to ticked off. And there's still a lot to do + learn. It seems to me that list never ends, does it?

skills to improve in 2018

Sharing some know-how, few are just kind of goals that I wish to improve/learn this year. Share yours with me in the comments..

Daily Journaling

It is on my number one list of stuffs I want to get hang of and was planing to restart it last month. You know, recording moments and drawing emotions can be very much healing. Doodling, drawing, wording, mapping, tracking.. all of kind.

12 books/year

A book a month! And keeping it consistent with all the tasks I have to juggle during the day + freelance projects. I need to get organize and better make a list upfront to start with this month. Suggestions are highly welcome!


Okay, I know what WordPress is and how it works. But development side of things is where I falls short. Html and CSS are my thing, I can do Blogger blog transformation and Squarespace but still have to learn PHP, MYSQL and other code languages that function on this platform. Maybe this year I shall move a step ahead and scout it.


Considering to get serious about pro photography this year. Up until now I have used all the photos taken from my phone camera for blog as well as Instagram marketing. But now honestly, I'm thinking to invest in DSLR and learn to take photos like people I keep admiring on Instagram and Pinterest.

Proper Cooking

Talk about type-desi-adulthood! In Pakistani culture, most of girls by the age of 25 knows how to cook all desi cuisine. I, on the other side knows only bits and pieces. Uses of ingredients, process of making a dish and even the name of few I don't accurately know. *facepalm* Not talking about the fancy restaurant menu stuffs but the meals family do sit and eat together. Nihari, Karhai gosht, yakhni to name a few.

That's all as of now! Hope to conquer them by the end of this year, inshaAllah!

*photo: unsplash / manipulation by me

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