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It was a wonderful trip to Umrah in the wintry days of December 2016. It's gonna be a year soon, but still I felt the need to blog about this precious time and walk you all through the holy cities and its beauty. It is that gracious place on the earth that instantly take your breath away, gives you several goosebumps and left you in awe and admiration. I've photographed through my phone camera and slightly edited in Adobe Lightroom app, keeping it as real as I saw in front of my eyes.

Starting the photo story from Makkah..

This was a first ever picture I took at Makkah after completing our First Umrah. The moment I first saw the Kaaba Shareef and all the process of performing Umrah for the very first time is something I can't put together in words. The whole atmosphere just bemuse you, river of emotions all over you, your heart keep crying from the happiness. Simply imagine yourself visiting history and being to the places where our Holy Prophet (SAWW) once was!

Masjid e Nimrah / Mosque Nimrah

At Mount Arafat


And these smoothies were a life saver you guys! Had it several times from various shops while we were at Makkah. They were selling these at almost every ice-cream or food shop.

The view at the stop for asar prayer on the way to Madinah. It's actually four hours distance from Makkah to Madinah while going by road.

Madina Al-Munawra

Madinah was so magical, calmer and colder every time of the day and night.

Casual stroll outside the Mosque between prayers time.

Masjid Al-Qiblatain

Baag e Uhad

And few more spots we encountered during Ziyarat in Madinah.

Got to try Starbucks for the first time and it was okay-ish!

Met this little beauty on the flour of Masjid e Nabwi.

To sum it all up, I feel so very lucky to have experienced such beautiful journey and I can't wait for the time when Allah call us to His home, once again. And I pray, from all my heart, may He grant this journey to every single Muslim on this earth. Ameen! x

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