“Could I have been anyone other than me?”― dave matthews

Hi there! I’m Sadaf, the creator, designer and editor behind the scenes here at the DBF blog and studio. Design Bliss Feast is a creative lifestyle and personal blog, where I share my thoughts, little tidbits of life, online wisdom and the design projects I’m working on. As a Multi-Passionate Creative, here I'm bringing my many interest together. This little nook of internet is an extension of mine, to which I'm feeding with the creative things. And I like to think of it as an e-outlet to connect with like-minded creatives.

Before this blog, I followed my passion for food by creating the blog, Chef in Frame. While I loved sharing my culinary adventures, I also discovered a new love for design and coding. Over time, I realized this could be a new way to pursue my passion while supporting other creatives, which led me to create the Design Bliss Feast blog and introduce my services as a designer. I work with clients on visual design projects and collaboration that includes Logo design, Blog development/design, print design, social media graphics, PDFs, Blog review/audit and such. Work can be checked through this link.

Beside blogging and designing, some of my favorite things includes; pizza, plants, beach, reading, taking photographs and lettering.
Specialties / Skills I hold (which possibly I can help you with)
  • Branding
  • Coding (nerd to some extent)
  • Design thinking
  • Owning multiple hand writings
  • Baking cupcakes (always virtually passing em' on) 
  • Striving for perfection
  • Drinking up-to 5 cups Tea a day
List My On Going Projects & Activities
Use my Canva Designs: Canva Templates
Buy Design Merchandice: Redbubble Shop
Shop through my Amazon Affiliate: Amazon Link
Past Branding Projects: Portfolio
Check What I am Pinning: Pinterest
Let's Connect: @sadaffk_

I’m honoured that you’ve taken time to come check out my site. While you are here, look into my offerrings, read the blog or if you fancy bouncing ideas and discuss the collaboration simply reach out. I absolutely love meeting and working with other creatives.

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