FreshBooks Double-Entry Accounting


What is FreshBooks?
FreshBooks is a cloud-based accounting software (and Mobile App) for small business owners and freelancers. Helping them in invoicing, organizing expenses, tracking time and following up with their clients for payment matters. Check how it actually works here.

You can also try 30-days free trial (that doesn't require a credit card) to see if it actually works for you. Simply enter your email and password, then click the link they sent you via email to get things started.

Simple Planners and Notebooks to organize your Creative Ideas


When it come to analogue system of organizing your thoughts, tasks and goals, (which I myself 100% rely on) one definitely need a visual appealing journal, notebook or planner to put on work.

In this post I've collected handful of my favorites, that are simple, beautifully designed and easy to navigate on and off your plans or thoughts of the day. If you're a fan of the format that is either plain pages or lined/structured minimally inside without cluttering the layout, dig yourself into this list now. You are gonna find one or two favorite for yourself!

5 Skills I wish to improve in 2018


With all the excitement of new year and new resolution all around the web, I thought I should sit and reflect what I need to get better at for the time coming ahead.

Never stop learning, they say and I agree. We are constantly learning new thing without even realizing everyday. So why not set some goals and prepare your mindset to achieve it?. Because aspiring to learn nothing changes but actually learning does!

2017 has been dramatically busy, time kept evolving around, never settling on a thing or a purpose. In spite, I manage to get this weblog up and running in October, the biggest to-do I had to ticked off. And there's still a lot to do + learn. It seems to me that list never ends, does it?

In the Portfolio: This Muslim Girl Bakes


Showcasing a design project I completed in 2016 | Food blog branding includes; Logo design, logo variations, custom color scheme, fonts selection, blog styling and development.

This Muslim Girl Bakes is mainly a food blog where author Faatimah shares easy step by step family recipes and other bits of her day-to-day life. And that's how the tagline of the blog goes, "Halal food, plenty of photos, faith and homemade things". She has been running this blog since 5 years now and the vast recipe collection is a clear proof that you can find almost every recipe from Desi to English (with halal spin) at her blog. Must check!

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