New Brand + Blog Design for Aaliilogue

20 August 2015   

Start of the June in Ramadan, Aalii People wanted their blog ready for the posting in this summer. They had variety of ideas to put in the form of blogging but no idea whatsoever how to. From explaining the basic blogging stuffs to coding the final footer of the blog. I would say it was the most convivial and challenging task I did as my first official custom design project. And I'm thrill to reveal all the scenes we've gone through in a month long of brand and blog development process.


AALiiLOGUE is a blog about Food, Art, Travel, Photography, Lifestyle, DIY, and Musings. (that's right, they're covering it all.) It is the new venture of two creative sisters who are taking the leap into blogging world after sharing their skills on Instagram for years. (Here's the link @ApaAli + @AaliiSarah In case you want to follow them.)


Majority of White, little chic, slightly girly, modern and contemporary with ubiquitous colors and here’s how we made that happen.

 photo aaliilogue_zpswkye3big.jpg

Blog Brand style guide by @sadaffk_ |

Favorite Instagrammers {Bloggers}

16 June 2015   

Ever since I started using Instagram, I'm in awe of how talented the photographers exist in this mass world of social media. Some Bloggers, some hobby photographers, some writers, some artists.. All of them whom I admire and always get excited to see the new square entry in my insta-feed. Some manage to balance their color palette and style as consistent as possible, some do best job with composition, contrasting and captioning. Seriously, so much talent out there. And it is really hard to put together all of my favorite IGers into a list of post. So I thought to break it down into a series of round-up. First Up, Bloggers!

Bloggers who use Instagram on point
There's no lie that I find more inspiration from Instagram than Pinterest, when it come to Blog Photography. I've never felt tired of scrolling through my feed ever and It is the only social media that I use a lot, starting from my morning Tea to bedtime. If you haven't created an account there, I'll guess you're living somewhere under the rock. And so just in case, you really are living there and haven't seen these awesome accounts. Here you go.. I sure all the people in this series (and upcoming) will inspire you to the core.

Choosing Blogger as your Blogging platform

3 June 2015   

Over the past couple of months I was coding, designing, brainstorming the ideas and working so hard on to make this place live, then.. on 7th may, this all gotten real and the feedback I received from you all keep fluttering me up with happy bubbles. So once again, Thank You for the words and support you've showered. It means.
Now, to continue this blogging space in the mission of sharing my work and words with you, today I'm about to write on something to which I belong to and utilize as my Words Sharing Tool. The tool on which I developed my whole online presence. And yes! This is BLOGGER. Welcome to the Avenue, sit relax and get to know why and when Blogger can be your best blogging tool.?

Lets start with the basic..

It's offficial now

7 May 2015   

Let's face it, after losing several hours of sleep and number of design, coding and color decisions, this place finally have been developed. And what I did in all these long term break is all in front of you now. I'm overly excited and proudly introducing this new avenue and giving you all the warmest welcome for visiting here!

New start of the new Journey with new mission | Design Bliss Feast

If you know me from a while, you may know that I left my food blog back and have started this one. But why? you say. Why you left that awesome going blog at all? what make you to? you're now thinking that She is totally MAD!!