What to write on blog?


You are planning to start a blog or may have created the one already, but have no idea how to figure out your blog niche or find blog topics to write on. If you ever got stuck in the net of what to write on my blog? then this post hopefully guide you to the right direction

Note that, this is not about a list of topics and ideas but a mini guide to help you pick your own path.

Breaking down few steps into small chunks below.

Non-fudge Ghee Brownies


Are you looking for a brownies recipe that doesn't require butter and chocolate blocks? Then these non-fudge brownies are your answer! The recipe is taken from my Aunt, which she is using for quite a long time now and is the best homemade brownies I've ever tried. It rises to the perfection into the cakery texture, comes out of oven very soft, top gets crusty as it slightly cool down, tastes so moist and chocolaty. You will need ghee and cocoa powder instead of butter and baking chocolate to prepare these goodness.

To be honest, I'm not a fan of butter when it come to baking. Probably because I didn't grow up learning baking with it.

Sprinkle of Surprise


Sprinkle of Surprise is a solo run USA based lifestyle blog where Fatima document her thoughts, opinions and stories about health, beauty, fitness, food, books, movies, fashion and life. Fatima reach out to me for revamping her brand and overall blog makeover that would help her re-purpose her blogging goals in 2016 and forward. She wanted to represent her true personality on the blog; Feminine. Independent. Opinionated. Modest. Free.

Her blog and identity was absolutely outdated and logo itself wasn't the one that describe the feels, mission and meaning behind her blog. I helped her develop a logo that remains true to her while still being modern and simple.

Photoblog | Saudi Arabia


It was a wonderful trip to Umrah in the wintry days of December 2016. It's gonna be a year soon, but still I felt the need to blog about this precious time and walk you all through the holy cities and its beauty. It is that gracious place on the earth that instantly take your breath away, gives you several goosebumps and left you in awe and admiration. I've photographed through my phone camera and slightly edited in Adobe Lightroom app, keeping it as real as I saw in front of my eyes.

Starting the photo story from Makkah..
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