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16 June 2015   

Ever since I started using Instagram, I'm in awe of how talented the photographers exist in this mass world of social media. Some Bloggers, some hobby photographers, some writers, some artists.. All of them whom I admire and always get excited to see the new square entry in my insta-feed. Some manage to balance their color palette and style as consistent as possible, some do best job with composition, contrasting and captioning. Seriously, so much talent out there. And it is really hard to put together all of my favorite IGers into a list of post. So I thought to break it down into a series of round-up. First Up, Bloggers!

Bloggers who use Instagram on point
There's no lie that I find more inspiration from Instagram than Pinterest, when it come to Blog Photography. I've never felt tired of scrolling through my feed ever and It is the only social media that I use a lot, starting from my morning Tea to bedtime. If you haven't created an account there, I'll guess you're living somewhere under the rock. And so just in case, you really are living there and haven't seen these awesome accounts. Here you go.. I sure all the people in this series (and upcoming) will inspire you to the core.

Aiza Tariq (@latourdeforce)

La Tour De Force! Man, this girl is deep, full of words, actually beautiful and thought provoking words. Aside from being a badass writer, she never fail to disappoint with her photography skills. Well, her account is the proof. Her clicks, deeply match with her caption that never fail to keep you hooked. When I'm sad, I read her blog, her words. It just make me feel better that I'm not alone in this cruel world. She knows how to capture a moment into words and she knows it well.

Check her blog for reading her words at latourdeforce.com and don't forget to take some recipes along with you.

Mahrukh Humayun (@mahrukh94)

Sydney based Law Student, blogger, baker and photographer. With a lovely sense of composition and her way of sprinkling lights and colors in her images is truly enviable. If you're looking for some classic style inspiration, her IG is the first place I recommend you go. She got the pretty eye for details. Have I mention that she is also the owner of newly established bakery @cookiescupcakery, based in Sydney, AUS.

Check her blog for recipes and inspiration at thelawstudentdiary.blogspot.com

Shivesh Bhatia (@shivesh17)

An Indie blogger and baker got lots of talent to showcase the cakes in delicious way possible. He pretty much master at knowing how to prettify the baked good and also how to capture the beauty out of them. His profile is full of swoon worthy cakes decorated in multiple styles with delicious frosting and fruits and flowers.

Check out his blog for baking recipes at bakewithshivesh.blogspot.in

Sehar Ahmed (@seharahmed4)

This DIY girl from Karachi will never fail to inspire you to pick up a thing and do something pretty with it. Be it the food or the makeup. She captures everything she cooks/eats/wear/create through perfect lighting. Each photo of her is picture perfect and desi. Look for her homemade yogurt, you'll believe me.

Check her blog for recipe, diy and lifestyle hint at seharahmedblog.blogspot.com

Zakkiya H (@inkstruckstudio)

I don't even know how I found her account, but I'm glad I did. She's a self-taught artist, based in Qatar. Each of her illustrator is so beautiful and neat. What I love about her instagram is that she keep uploading short videos of her work and also her blog updates in which she keep posting about the tutorials and the process of what she does, that will force you to pick up a brush and a watercolor kit. I'm serious! This already have happened with me.

Check out her blog for design tutorials, tips and more at inkstruck.com/blog/

Sarah Mir (@sarahjmir)

Her Food post are worth swooning over. Cleverly styled and then captured. From tart to cake to biryani to brownies.. guess what, you name it and she have it. She throws in some gorgeous cookies in a way that make me want to whip a batch right away. If you have a little foodie living inside you, I know you're gonna love her account.

Check her blog for any recipe you want at sarahmir.wordpress.com

Noor alqahtani (@nooralqa)

First of all, Noor is amazing and her graphic design work is so on point. She has a thing for minimal, pure white with a pop of color along with black. But still her content doesn't feel boring. She keep uploading about her project, coffees, quotes and everything in between that inspire her. I think she manages to get a great balance between styling, designing and beautiful things she post.

Check out her blog for design, blogging and lifestyle guide at nooralqahtani.com/blog/

Tell me about your favorite blogger who is using Instagram perfectly? May be, I've missed some great bloggers here. But I'm always in the look for inspiring people, so share 'em.

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