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Let's face it, after losing several hours of sleep and number of design, coding and color decisions, this place finally have been developed. And what I did in all these long term break is all in front of you now. I'm overly excited and proudly introducing this new avenue and giving you all the warmest welcome for visiting here!

If you know me from a while, you may know that I left my food blog back and have started this one. But why? you say. Why you left that awesome going blog at all? what make you to? you're now thinking that She is totally MAD!!

Well, In past, at some point or other, I wanted to write and share my thoughts on various subject over that blog but it didn't always felt right to do injustice with a food blog by cluttering it with the topics that are totally out of the box. And coming to this situation, often times, I knew there is something missing in the whole circle of CIF. There wasn't wider possibilities available, you see, it was limited to the food, being a chef (which I'm not, professionally), recipe writer, taster and even worse weight-gainer. Don't get me wrong, it is true that I started Chef in Frame about a year back for documenting my culinary experience after graduation. But who thought of me being hooked to coding, colors, design and social media in that phase? It's crazy, right?

What I was thinking the reality was that my food blog wasn't communicating what I wanted it to. I wanted fell in love with my blog all over again and it wasn't possible without the change. As said that I needed to change the look of the blog and on other side, launch my freelance services as well and doing them both together would have been the total mess due to my busy schedule. So I thought through this and realize that bringing everything at a place would be the point to go for. And once I got settled on this, there was no stopping me. I pondered, planned and change my mind hundred of times, until I finally decided to give this place a new personal touch which fundamentally represent every element and most of all I would not feel trapped by the label 'Chef' when I want to write something other than food.

..and suddenly you know, it’s time to
start something new and trust the 
magic of BEGINNING!

Trust me, In that over crowding internet market it really is hard to compete all the unique brands out there, specially, when it come to naming. I went crazy with number of words and slogans (like, hundred of 'em), and finally settle on Design, Bliss, Feast. It took a month of brainstorming though. But after that, rubber really started to hit the spot and I started to catch the vivid image of branding but half way there I come to faced the fact that working on your own brand is harder than the one for others. It is so very hard to satisfy yourself for your own work. I guess, it's because there's only one party with one person involved, who is designing and also judging along the way. Pretty hard, huh!! This stage overdue for the very longtime than what I had expected of (I shall accuse this on my schedule too.) Sometime there was a logo I wan't satisfying with, other time the fonts or the pages structure. There also was the time when I felt really really low, that I had to start all over again. All the coding I did.. I wiped it and start all the way to beginning. Well, from calligraphy-ing the logo to the footer of this blog, It seriously was the most challenging task I ever done for my self and I'm feeling pretty proud of what I did and come up in the end. What do you think? Did you like the look, style or the feel of this place? Any feedback you have to pass? Leave a comment below or reach out to any social media to tell me about your thoughts. I've always love hearing from you!

Now, I'm guessing that you've got the meaning of new brand already form the name and also from the about page. So to be clear, I have so much more going in mind for this place, so much to give and share away. Stay in the loop to know all the future treasures I'll be coming up with, inshaAllah!

I hope you welcome the change and encourage me as I dive into the new creative era. xoxo

Pssst: Currently I have no plan for the Chef in Frame blog to employ but I might bring this to totally new shape in any future realm, who knows?

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